8 different countries/ the same obsession / the same landscape

lying on 0ak Vol II

What if you spend all your life looking for the same place? You've seen this place somewhere. You don't remember where it's from, but you know you'll recognise it when you see it. The place becomes an obsession that dominates your life entirely. You have a vague idea of what it is, but you have no idea where to start the search. You travel. You pick destinations at random, and you roam the country, from one village to another, from city to city, mixing trains and buses and cars and planes, just going about without any direction whatsoever, hoping that your place will just magically show up one day. Only it never does. There are some places you visit that look vaguely similar to the place you're looking for. They are not your place, but they are reminiscent of it; they give some hints, some clues; they evoke feelings long lost and forgotten. You feel encouraged. You keep looking. The search will most likely never end in the course of your lifetime. So you start taking pictures of the places that you find instead. They are not what you were looking for exactly, but they are a good enough alternative. As opposed to the place that keeps eluding you, these ones are here. They're real. Present. Maybe the place you were looking for all this time does not exist. Maybe it's from a dream. Maybe it's your imagination. There's only one way to find out, I guess: keep looking.
Text by Eugene Kudashev
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